8 comments on “Top 10 Best Suphero Actors

  1. Ok, here’s my list:

    10.Chris Hemsworth (Thor)
    9.Chris Evans (Captain America)
    8.Michael Keaton (Batman)
    7.Edward Norton (Hulk)
    6.Chris Evans (Johnny Storm)
    5.Christian Bale (Batman)
    4.Robert Downey Jr. (Iron-Man)
    3.Michael Chiklis (The Thing)
    2.Ron Perlman (Hellboy)
    1.Christopher Reeve (Superman)

    • Norton was nearly my #10 spot but some reason I didn’t fully like him on the list so I eventually put Evans on there twice. Two of the read/RANT bloggers suggested Perlman as Hellboy, but to me the character of Hellboy didn’t really fit the definition of superhero I was using for this list.

      Not a bad list though, and the only one I really wouldn’t agree with (at least not that high in the list) is Chiklis as the Thing at your #3 spot.

  2. Chiklis nailed the part though. If you’ve read the classic comics, he’s absolutely perfect. I realize that it’s a man-in-a-suit, and that might ruin it for some, but even more of a reason why his acting shined through. When it comes to the FF movies, most reviews mention Chiklis as the highlight. Though I do agree with you on Chris Evans too. He did a great job.

    As far as Perlman goes, LeBeau allowed it, and I followed your link from LeBlog so I figured the same rules applied 🙂

    Your list is also good, and the only two that I disagree with are Tobey Maguire and Justin Hartley.

    • Yeah, Hellboy is borderline for me. Chiklis for me was the second best thing in the movie in my books, even if the suit is a bit cheesy. That may also have been a slight bias on my part too, considering I like the character Human Torch better than the Thing.

      Not a fan of Tobey though, eh? I knew my old roommate wasn’t either, so I suppose I don’t really need to ask why there. As for Hartley, I figure if anyone on my list got a rebuttal, it would be him. Still, despite the changes the show made to the character (that a lot is now cannon in the new 52), I always thought Hartley shined in the role and generally gave off that ‘for the people’ and generally got the personality that GA has right.

      • Yeah, the suit was a flawed effect. You can see it sqoosh up like sponge when he makes certain arm movements. They’re CG’ing him in the reboot which I’m sure will look better. I know that they were considering Chiklis to voice the part, but I doubt that will happen. My main concern with a CG Thing is whether or not they will pull off his very human nature. I know it’s possible, but we’ll see.

        It’s not so much that I don’t like Tobey Maguire as an actor, but I simply don’t like his portrayal of Peter Parker. I felt that he missed it completely, and “it ruins the illusion” for me, to quote Bruce Campbell’s character in part 2.

        Maybe I’m not being fair about Hartley. I saw the shows and he did a fine job. I guess I would just put him lower on the list. No real complaints, I just gave priority to others.

  3. You have that new blog smell!

    We discussed this list privately while you were making it. So I am copying and pasting the list I came up with from that discussion.

    10. Yvonne Craig as Batgirl – Batgirl was created for the show. The image of Craig as Batgirl was so powerful, that DC restored Barbara Gordon to the role decades later.

    9. Michael Keaton as Batman – Bale’s version is closer to the source material. But I find Keaton’s more interesting to watch. Which is especially impressive because he has nothing interesting to work with. Keaton’s got crazy eyes!

    8. Bill Bixby as David Banner/Lou Ferigno as the Hulk- Bit of a cheat but I’m giving both actors dual credit for what remains the definitive take on the Hulk. Bixby gave the show its human center and Ferigno pulled off what CGI can’t with a wig and green make-up.

    7. Tobey Maguire as Spiderman – He captured the “everyboy” quality of a high school kid who suddenly found he could soar above the skyline. And his chemistry with Kristen Dunst was strong.

    6. Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman – Purely a visual thing. The show wasn’t good. Carter isn’t an especially great actress. But you put her in the star spangled swim suit and the image is iconic.

    5. Chris Hemsworth as Thor – Both Evans and Hemsworth powered super hero movies in the summer of 2011 almost purely on their charisma. Very impressive for unknown actors.

    4. Chris Evans as Captain America – I’m giving him bonus points for having played both the cocky Johnny Storm and the humble Cap and nailing them both

    3. Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. He should be all wrong for the part. Physically, he looks nothing like Wolverine. So it’s all that much more impressive that he pulls it off completely. Plus, who else could pull off that hair?

    2. Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man – Downey is the franchise. Recast the role and it doesn’t work.

    1. Christopher Reeve as Superman – He will always be Superman for me. Reeve as Superman is iconic.

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