6 comments on “Dear DC,

  1. If you are moving to Marvel, then I suggest you to read “Daredevil” and “Punisher”. They are definitely Marvel’s best regular series, and both of them are ideal for a new reader: the first one, because it recently changed its creative team (and the new one is doing an amazing job); the second one, because its storyboard is very simple, so you don’t have to pick a lot of back issues to understand what’s going on. That’s the big difference between DC and Marvel: each DC comic can be read as a stand – alone story, even when it’s part of a huge crossover; on the other hand, to undestand a Marvel comic, you must start to read the series it belongs to from a very far point. Another New 52 comic you should put on your list is Nightwing: it’s always been a wonderful series since the childish penciller Tony Mc Daniel finally left it, but now it has reached a very high standard quality. And I can’t wait to read Ann Nocenti’s work on Green Arrow: if she kept the half of the talent she had when she was writing Daredevil, then Green Arrow is going to be a must.

    • Doesn’t seem me or any of the others at read/RANT are really fans of Liefeld. You put his name on it, and we tend to groan.

      As for Punisher, save the 2004 movie, he’s never really caught my attention to be honest. Next time I hit the comic shop I’ll try to flip through an issue at least, but doubt I will pick it up. Daredevil on the other hand, well you are by no means the first one to suggest that title for me. Matt is a bit like Punisher where he never really got my attention, but all this hype I keep hearing about it… Well maybe I should pick up a few issues. Maybe both though as it seems “The Omega Effect” will cover between Daredevil, Punisher, and Avenging Spiderman (which I’m already reading) is about to start. Otherwise, I’m mostly covering most of the various X-Men titles.

      Also, I am going to continue with Nightwing for a little while longer. Partially for I’ve always loved Dick Grayson, and he may be my favorite comic book character ever. Also the shop forgot to take it off my pull list so I got #6 after all, and that one was enough to draw me back in after #5 had felt rather ‘meh’ to me.

      By the way, you seem to have some good thoughts on various comics out there from Imagine, to both the big shots DC and Marvel. If you want to write some reviews for read/RANT, I could probably get you an invite.

      • Your proposal is a great honour to me, but there’s a problem: I’m an italian guy, and I live in Italy. Being an italian, my knowledge of english language is far too patchy to be a good comic reviewer; living in Italy, I get your comic books with at least a month’s delay, so I couldn’t review them the second they come to the shelves, as a comic reviewer usually does. Anyway, I’ll keep following read/RANT, and your blog as well, with much pleasure.

        • Can’t recall which one, but one of our writers lives in Australia so he doesn’t get his comics as soon as we do. But then, he does get some digitally I believe. As for your writing, at least your comments seem fine. Far better English mechanics than many Americans can manage. But I still do understand the want to review a title within the first week.

          If you do change your mind though, I can see if I can’t set you up (or get Lebeau to do it) with access.

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