4 comments on “Amazing Spiderman review/comparison

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  2. I was really happy when I found out you had started writing again both on read/RANT and your blog. Unfortunately I couldn’t comment anyone of your recent posts, because they were all about some Marvel comics I didn’t buy. Yesterday I saw the Spider Man movie, so now I’m finally able to comment one of your posts.
    The thing I enjoyed less was the role given to technology (and modern life in general): Peter uses a personal computer, his old uncle communicates with him using a mobile, doctor Connors uses holograms to explain his theories… this movie was supposed to narrate Spider Man’s origin, and, when Spider Man was born, no one of these things existed. I understand that the movie had to be appealing for a 21st century boy, so I didn’t expect to see Aunt May watching the tv in black & white, or Uncle Ben calling Peter with a 60 years old telephone. I simply think that Marvel could have given this movie a less technologic touch.
    The thing I enjoyed more was the fact that story was more important than action. The Avengers movie was almost entirely built on action, and I was afraid that Spider Man would have been exactly the same thing: luckily, it wasn’t.
    And story was good, and well narrated as well. It didn’t cover all the important sides and characters of the Spider Man world (as you noticed pointing out the absence of J. Jonah Jameson), but we must consider that: 1) a mainstream film can’t last 3 hours; 2) the important things left aside in a movie can be fundamental in its sequel.
    As you can see, I liked the movie. Of course it wasn’t perfect, but generally speaking I liked it.

    • Yeah, a while ago I moved mostly to Marvel. Keeping up with just a few DC things, and with Lobdell starting on Superman soon, I think I may give that a try for a little while again.

      I’d (mostly) disagree with your techno thought. Like Marvel did with the Iron Man movie, they wanted to make this for a modern world. Iron Man wasn’t born out of Vietnam (I think it was that, I’m not a huge Iron Man scholar though) but our more recent wars against Terrorism. They put him into the modern world, and so was this Peter Parker. While setting a character back to when the comics started can work, like with the original Superman films, I like the idea of a modern approach. Especially with Parker considering all the science that is involved. Besides it allows for the (unlikely) chance that this Spider-Man will make it into the next Avengers film. The thing I didn’t enjoy that much though was the texting from the elderly care takers.

      But yeah, it wasn’t action filled. Avengers kind of followed the typical hero team up model though of first they fight, then they team up to fight the bad guy(s). It works, its safe, and besides it would be hard to focus on a lot of story with that many characters as there could easily end up fights on who should get the more focus in the story/plot. Besides, all the previous films leading to it had the story over action.

      I did enjoy the film myself, though missing plot points was a bit of a let down. I’m hopeful for an even better put together 2nd film though! One that hopefully doesn’t drop earlier plot points, and possibly answers some things from the first film (like more info on his parents).

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