2 comments on “The life of Ultimate Peter Parker

  1. Great review. When I first got into comics hardcore USM and UXM were just beginning. It was a great place to jump on because, like a lot of people, I was intimidated by the vast continuity of the 616 books. To this day I still love the Ultimate books. USM in particular has been one of the most consistent books, quality wise, that Marvel puts out. After the last few years that really says a lot as both DC and Marvel have been creatively struggling.

    • Ultimate X-Men really was my own start of really getting into comics as well. Got issues 1-50 on CD at a store for $5 or so and brought it on deployment with me to read in my free time. Sadly when I got back, the area lacked comic stores so getting more and trying to get into USM was a bit hard.

      It was one of my fellow read/RANT bloggers (Cal I believe) who stated one of the things that makes it so Ultimate Spider-Man (and other Ultimate comics) can be so good though is that they do have that vast continuity of 616 to help draw and inspire from. They can take and modify stories that work, and see which ones more or less failed and stay away from those. Not to say they don’t keep them original enough, and that they don’t have their own ideas either, just that there is a good base to help inspire them.

      Thanks for dropping in, JR!

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