2 comments on “Batman the Dark Knight Returns (part 1)

  1. Well said. I got into comics in the 2000s as well. The art was a bit weird when we were used to clean art, but as adults we can see how it was kind of revolutionary and appreciate it for that. There is a toughness that Batman exudes in DKR. I like the idea that Conroy is the “younger” Batman voice. I think that we get this in the States relatively soon and I will have to check it out. Thanks for the review and for linking to us on the side.

    • In the states? Are you not in the U.S. yourself? Anyways, no prob on the side feed, also there is one up on read/RANT now (which gets a lot more traffic than I do here). Figured you’ve linked some of my pieces though, may as well try and return that favor somehow.

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