22 comments on “Flash: Who Is Dr. Harrison Wells?

  1. I figured Dr Wells traveled back in time from the future to fix the timeline, according to him, but becoming a self-fulfilling paradox just doesn’t seem like what would truly make sense, even though DC Universe doesn’t always make sense, so it is definitely possible.

  2. Here’s a thought. If Harrison Wells is Reverse flash, is it possible that he is stuck in this time period, and needs Allen to achieve his full potential in order for Wells to use Allen’s powers to get back to his future?

    • True. I just figure if it was RF, he’d want to take out Barry and not risk Flash catching onto him and somehow spoiling things and then have time to either do his evil things 10 years in the past from where he’d otherwise be doing it, or could be training up his younger self.

    • Eobard Thawne is. Far as I know, it has not been revealed as fact that Eddie Thawne is just short for Eobard Thawne, and if he’ll end up becoming RF, or if he’s being used to eventually introduce the character who is/will be RF due to relations. But yes, strong indication that Eddie will become Flash.

      Though it could hold true that Wells is Thawne/RF instead. Same time travel principals apply, but there are various reasons why I don’t think Wells could be a future RF.

  3. So I’m pretty sure that RF just stole all the evidence from Joe in the last scene of tonights episode. The writers would be insinuating that Wells is RF because of the investigating Joe was doing. So what does this mean? How soon before we really find out who Wells is because I’m sure all of us fans can realize that he is not from this timeline and has some connection to the murder of Barry’s mother (though I doubt he did it)

    • Yeah. I’m contemplating making a follow up article this weekend due to all that was shown in the new ep. Unsure though.

      I know it has many going “Whelp, RF has GOTTA BE Wells” while at least some are sitting there going “they tried to point so much that Wells is RF that it’s just too obvious and so can’t be him.” I doubt it was him, but like you I doubt its a coincidence those files were taken so quickly after Wells and West had their heart to heart.

  4. Reverse flash is more of a term then a name or rather a specific name for a single person in fact there are two completely different people with the same powers and abilities and even the same suit for the most part. One is Professor Zoom/Eobard Thawne the other is simply Zoom/Hunter Zoloman though Zoom is more the antagonist of Berry’s nephew Wally West but I have not seen or heard anything to show that Iris has a brother in this show as of yet so there is no connection there. The main thing I would like to point out is the fact that the “Crisis” is the event that DC used to tie together all of DC from every age including Jay Garrick the very first flash from the 40’s where yet again this alternate flash fights another Reverse Flash named Dr. Edward Clariss. So this point being made there are multiple RFs and they all hate the flash but one in particular being Eobard. His origin is that in the 25century he loves the flash so much he has cosmetic surgery to look like Barry and recreates the storm and chemical bath that made the flash in the first place he then travles back in time to meet his mentor who he idolized. At this point I think Detective Eddie Thawne is just an ancestor of Eobards and that Dr. Wells is really Eobard gone back in time causes a car crash that kills Mr. and Mrs. Wells takes the identity of Dr. Wells moves far away to Central City where no one would know he is not the real Wells Kills Barry’s mother as in the series “Flash Rebirth” framing Henry Allen just like in the comic book and can not return back to the future because the “Speed force” (that is a real thing look it up) is not strong enough to power him back to the future thus giving him reason to develop Barry’s power thus powering the “Speed force” so he can get back to his full potential. Oh and btw Flash has yellow lighting when he runs and RF has red lightning so who killed Barry’s mom gets even more intense if you have read or watched “The Flashpoint Paradox” Barry goes back in time to save his mother in doing so ruins the entire earth and making it so he never became the flash as he never had the desire to find his mothers killer. He then had to recreate what made him the flash so he could go back in time and stop himself from preventing his mothers murder. So there is potentially a ton going on at super speed in that scene we have seen over and over again.

    • You left out Inertia, a clone of Bart Allen.

      Moving away wouldn’t really fix Wells’ issue if he wasn’t the real Wells but merely killed the man and took his idenitty. The Particle Accelerator would be big news, even outside of Central City. Harrison Wells’ face would be plastered about the U.S. and most likely the world. At least within the scientific community. That’s a good amount of people who would know Wells and could tell the current one isn’t Wells. No, it would be much easier to create a new persona of Wells.

      I find it doubtful it’ll end up in a story line where Flash’s mom is killed, then saved, and then rekilled just to make sure Flash comes about. TV shows generally like to keep things less complicated than that.

    • At least so far what I’ve seen, Wells is hard to picture as evil. Or at least evil evil. He’s done some bad and questionable things, but to Wells what he was doing was to protect Barry.

  5. Well if you think about the fact that wells seems to be obsessed with Barry’s survival, what if wells needs Barry to survive so that his later self (possibly Eddie) would find the flashes suit and gain its speed. Going through time the suits colors reverse he would then go on to kill Barry’s mother so that events remained the same. Flash finds out an goes back to stop him only to save his kid self and fail to save his mother

  6. I would still think it might be that Eddie ends up as Cobalt blue Barry’s twin brother not RF the cool thing is there is so much the CW can draw from with what they have going on and after the last episode there is no doubt Dr. Wells is no good guy and no way future Barry that dude is a killer and manipulator and with all the pics on the internet it is totally Tom in the yellow and black suit. I still can not wait to see how they reveal what is going on with the murder of Mrs. Allen there is clearly both a red and a yellow streak so 2 speedsters are there so weather how far they go into the flashpoint paradox may be in question but they are hinting at it.

  7. What about H G Wells? Who wrote the invisible man/time travel .. He was once in superman (as a old man) but this could b a younger version? Time traveler ? – in real life he has a relative called Anthony west could be related to the West eventually in the story? Good tie in!! Twist?

  8. Alright guys on a previous comment I predicted there were two speedsters in the room the night Barry’s mother was killed and that wells was the reverse flash. Anyone have any ideas as to what might come next?

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